Invited Lecture: Stress caused by Covid-19 on Commercial Leases

Topic:              Stress caused by Covid-19 on Commercial Leases

Time:              Jan 27, 2021 (Wednesday), 06:30 PM Central Time

Method:           Zoom Meeting


As a well-known Chinese-American attorney in Nashville, TN, Ms. Vivien Wang was invited by the Tennessee American-Chinese Chamber of Commerce to talk about the business stress caused by Covid-19 on the commercial leases for a large group of audience on Jan 27, 2021.

In the lecture Vivien discussed the fundamental principles in the breach of contract cases.  Considering the specific context of the Covid-19 pandemic, Vivien emphasized the function and limitations of the force majeure clause that is widely used in the commercial leases, explaining the potential effect the clause would have on landlords and/or tenants when non-performance occurred.  To facilitate a solid understanding of the legal issues and resolutions of the breach of commercial leases, Vivien not only went into details to discuss both TN statutes and case law, but also provided many interesting real-life examples based on her rich experiences over the eleven (11) years of practice.

Although the lecture was held via Zoom, the participants interacted very actively.  Many great questions were raised by those including real estate investors, commercial landlords and tenants.

Please visit for more information about Vivien Wang’s Invited Lecture and the Tennessee American-Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

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